republic of iran

  1. ~Phoenix~

    Photos The Islamic Republic Of Iran Military Photos

    Image : Tehran,capital of Iran. Despite all of the sactions imposed by the US and NATO for not bowing down to them,Iran has a well-trained military and self-sufficient and sophiscated defence industry that is completely deterrent against its foes ( Namely - Saudi Arab,Israel and USA ). All...
  2. AH-1 Cobra

    AH-1 Cobra

    Iranian AH-1 Cobra
  3. Boragh


    Iranian Army - Boragh IFV
  4. Kilo class

    Kilo class

    Iranian Navy - Kilo class submarine.
  5. C-130 Hercules

    C-130 Hercules

    Iran Air Force C-130 Hercules.
  6. Su-24's


    Iran Air Force Sukhoi Su-24 Fencers.
  7. Chinook


    Iran Air Force Chinook.
  8. F-14 Tomcat

    F-14 Tomcat

    Iran Air Force F-14 Tomcat
  9. F-14


    Iranian Air Force F-14 Tomcat
  10. Kilo submarines

    Kilo submarines

    Port quarter view of Iran`s second KILO class diesel-powered submarine underway en route from the Baltic to Iranian home waters. The submarine was photographed by Light Helicopter Squadron 48 (HSL-48) from the USS SPRUANCE (DD-963). Date Shot: 01 JUL 1993 photo and description from Defense...