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  1. Smiffy

    Photos Norwegian Military (Forsvaret)

    The following pictures are taken from the Norwegian Armed Forces Website Use is permitted for Non Commercial use. The rules for use can be found here Norwegian soldier on exercise Viking Ymer The purpose of exercise Viking Ymer is to conduct training in offensive and defensive activities in...
  2. Gribb P997, Hauk class patrol boat / fast attack craft

    Gribb P997, Hauk class patrol boat / fast attack craft

    Norwegian Navy
  3. Norwegian Hauk Class FPB

    Norwegian Hauk Class FPB

    Operation Neptune Warrior '06 has been taking place recently, although I haven't seen too much activity by many of the ships involved. I spotted these two amongst a line of similar small ships going upriver recently, but this is the best shots I could get as they were quite far offshore. I love...
  4. Rauma


    Norwegian Navy - Alta class minehunter (M352) Rauma.jpg
  5. KNM Trondheim

    KNM Trondheim

    Norwegian Navy - Oslo class frigate KNM Trondheim
  6. MTB


    Norwegian Navy - MTB boat