night vision

  1. Bombardier

    Photos Silhouette, Sunrise, Sunset, Night vision & Starlight Photos

    Military silhouette , Sunrise & Sunset photos, Upload your favourites Here are a few I have on my hard drive. Some are in PNG format with a transparent background and some JPEG
  2. Matzos

    Article German Infra Red Driving And Fire Control Equipment

    An interesting report on German WW2 Infra Red systems.
  3. M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

    M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle

    A Soldier in a M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle from 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division, trains his 25mm chain gun on enemy targets in Samarra, Iraq.
  4. Under an Afghan moon

    Under an Afghan moon

    Under an Afghan moon an Australian soldier conducts a night patrol