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  1. colin traveller

    Video Model/Toy Restorations / Diorama's Video builds etc etc

  2. T

    Photos D9R - 'Major Overhaul' Diorama Stage 2

    Hi all. This is what I’ve been working on lately. It’ a D9R propped on wooden blocks. This is the center piece for my latest diorama.
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  5. 6th Army Stalingrad 1941/1942 Dragon Figures

    6th Army Stalingrad 1941/1942 Dragon Figures

    1/35 German 6th Army Stalingrad 1941/1942 Dragon Model Figures
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  11. tsweeney

    Photos Hill 881 - Vietnam

    ]Fierce fighting for Hill 881 N. The Hill was one of several strategically imporant hills surrounding Khe Sahn in western Quang Tri Province in Vietnam's I Corps. The fighting between the Marines and North Vietnamese Army (NVA) regulars took place on April 30, 1967. The Marines were from Golf...
  12. moving inland

    moving inland

  13. Jagdpanther etc

    Jagdpanther etc

    HumpysJPRear 1/6 scale
  14. razorboy

    Photos "The Counter Attack" - Carentan, June 1944

    I purchased this old Italeri Sturmgeschuetz IV model on ebay last year and I have been saving it for just the right diorama. I will be building it in conjunction with several Fallschirmjager figures (Dragon), four 17SS personnel (Dragon) in a farm lane deep in the bocage - outside of Carentan...
  15. Dio resources

    Dio resources

  16. Bulge Tiger II

    Bulge Tiger II

  17. 3rdReich_pz5a_They_ll_Be_Back_1


  18. 3rdReich_pz4d_PanzerIV_ausf_D_winter_Ost_Front_Sieg_Niederlage_Rear_LA_Mode


  19. Sherman Dozer

    Sherman Dozer

  20. The Bridge(German)

    The Bridge(German)