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    IDF 274 (691) Brigade emblem
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  3. flypaper

    Photos US Army Patches from IOF/OEF most local made.

    a sample of some US Army ground units IOF/ OEF patches
  4. flypaper

    Collectables US Army 1st Cavalry-227th Aviation Bn. OIF Patches

    Here is a handfull of just a few of the 1st Cav's 227 Avn. Bn. patches that evolved during Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  5. 102 Logistic Brigade Battle Axe Insignia

    102 Logistic Brigade Battle Axe Insignia

    White On Green Woven Military Formation arm badge
  6. 1 Artillery Brigade TRF Subdued

    1 Artillery Brigade TRF Subdued

    TRF - Tactical Recognition Flash
  7. US special forces vietnam

    US special forces vietnam

    Elite US special Forces 'NEVER DIE' Green Beret Patch, Veitnam
  8. USS Amphion Ship's Patch

    USS Amphion Ship's Patch

    I found this on-line and made a copy for my dad. (one of his ships) The Amphion was a repair ship on the east coast. That is an octopus holding types of repair equipment. Kinda neat.
  9. Blue Ghost Patch

    Blue Ghost Patch

    The Offical patch of the Blue Ghost members.
  10. Blue Angel's PATCH

    Blue Angel's PATCH

    A patch that was gave to me by a USN Blue Angel's ground crew member at a air show close to Indianapolis,Indiana in 1983.
  11. Shoulder Patch 1st Allied Airborne Army

    Shoulder Patch 1st Allied Airborne Army

  12. Hornet Handler

    Hornet Handler

    Finnish Defence Forces - Air Force - F-18 Hornet Handler badge
  13. MP'S Patch

    MP'S Patch