military collector

  1. Sc0rp10n

    Collectables Devil's Guard

    I collect devils guard stuff....i am looking for the silver patch? Anybody ? Also LRRP stuff... Real manuals etc... And finally everything from the AH-1 Huey, real manual etc and DCS... And the Apache AH-64D... I also look for rhe OLD Revell HueyCobra.... Who can help me...
  2. 2/1Kiwi

    Collectables Insignia Collectors

    Anyone collect recent/modern insignia and looking to trade? I have a large collection of foreign(Non NZ) items to trade for NZ or NZ related items. Cheers Dan
  3. flypaper

    Collectables US Army 1st Cavalry-227th Aviation Bn. OIF Patches

    Here is a handfull of just a few of the 1st Cav's 227 Avn. Bn. patches that evolved during Operation Iraqi Freedom.