m113 armor

  1. Peruvian M113A1

    Peruvian M113A1

    Peruvian M113A1 in 2011.
  2. M113 Armor in Vietnam

    M113 Armor in Vietnam

  3. M113 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle

    M113 Medium Reconnaissance Vehicle

  4. M113 APC Vietnam

    M113 APC Vietnam

  5. Canadian M113A2 SEV

    Canadian M113A2 SEV

    The M113A2 SEV fitted with a multitude of Combat Engineer tools provided mechanized support during the implementation and removal of battlefield obstacles.
  6. M113 Command post

    M113 Command post

  7. M113 APC

    M113 APC

  8. IDF M113A1 TOW

    IDF M113A1 TOW

  9. US Army M113 APC

    US Army M113 APC

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  11. Australian M113 APC in Vietnam

    Australian M113 APC in Vietnam

  12. M113 Vietnam

    M113 Vietnam

    The soldiers have written 'Xin Loi' pronounced (sin loy) This a polite Vietnamese phrase literally meaning "excuse me" or "pardon me" but used sardonically by GIs to mean "sorry about that" "too damn bad" or "tough S**t"
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  14. Vietnam M113 'The Lifer'

    Vietnam M113 'The Lifer'

  15. M113 APC

    M113 APC

  16. M60A1s and M113A1s at Hohenfels

    M60A1s and M113A1s at Hohenfels

    Armor lined up to be cleaned at Hohenfels training area.
  17. M113  CR

    M113 CR

  18. M113 in Vietnam

    M113 in Vietnam

    Troopers from B Troop and 919th Engr Co, 11th Armored Cavalry Regt., don ponchos and wait out the rain storm aboard their tracks US Army Military History Institute http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usamhi/1findingaidssubheaders.html