1. Percival Charles SPROSTON

    Percival Charles SPROSTON

  2. Officer Training

    Officer Training

    Young Officers (R.A.) learning gun drill on the 25Pd Gun, at the School of Artillery, Larkhill. Circa 1950
  3. Drone_pilot

    Other Post Cold Very, Very, Cold

    it's Winter 1970 Larkhill Salisbury Plain. i Had been with my regiment for 4 months (49 Field Regt) we were Support for the R.S.A (Royal School of Artillery), so we were out in the field live firing 5 days a week, mostly with the 25Pd, 105mm Abbot or equipment borrowed from the RSA which...
  4. AS90 SPG

    AS90 SPG

    An AS90 self-propelled howitzer from 14 Regiment Royal Artillery opens up with its 155mm gun. taken at larkhill?