1. WW2 scenes II

    WW2 scenes II

    Ferdinand destroyed at Kursk
  2. WW2 scenes

    WW2 scenes

    "Pausing for thought" at Kursk
  3. Ivan le Fou

    Movie / TV Kursk

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  4. Tiger 1 summer 1943 Kursk

    Tiger 1 summer 1943 Kursk


    Photos A Sad Tank, Infantry, Mk III Churchill

    I took this photo at Vadim Zadorozhny's Museum of Equipment outside Moscow. It seems to be as titled above -Tank, Infantry, Mk III Churchill, Heavy? It was parked outside the restoration shed so perhaps a brighter future in due course or not . It is a bit of a sad sight but from what I can...
  6. Tiger Tank

    Tiger Tank

  7. PzIII Ausf M at the battle of Kursk, Eastern Front 1943

    PzIII Ausf M at the battle of Kursk, Eastern Front 1943

  8. HS129 aircraft Kursk

    HS129 aircraft Kursk

    HS-129 on the Eastern front Kursk
  9. The Kursk

    The Kursk

    An Oscar II attack submarine, armed with 24 cruise missiles P-700 ("Granit") with conventional or nuclear warheads. 4x650-mm and 2x533-mm torpedo tubes with 28 torpedoes or ASW rockets. Sunk tragically in the Barents Sea in 2000.