1. elbmek

    Other Post Bloody Sunday - IRA Win Propaganda Battle

    I toured NI totalling 36 months during the 70s and 80s. Today my wife was watching John bishop in Ireland, in todays episode he was in Ireland doing a one man show and mentioned going 'across to the north' which was met with an almost stony silence. He got over that and ended up in Londonderry...
  2. Bombardier

    Mil News Martin Mcguiness Is Dead!

    Martin Mcguiness has died. Read more on the BBC Who was Martin Mcguiness I know that most of my brothers and sisters in arms will be celebrating this news, I for one cannot forgive this former IRA commander for his previous activities and will likely be sharing a drink with friends as a...
  3. Johnny Fletcher Murdered By IRA

    Johnny Fletcher Murdered By IRA

  4. Bombardier

    Video A Northern Irish man speaks out (Video)

    A Northern Irish man speaks out regarding the arrest of a British Paratrooper who it is alleged was involved in the "Bloody Sunday Massacre"
  5. Brit-Pop

    Photos Sectarian/Insurgent Actions (Both Sides) During "The Troubles"

    Saturday 27 June 1970 Saturday 27 June 1970 Major Gun Battle in Belfast There was serious rioting in Belfast involving Protestants and Catholics. During the evening groups of Loyalist rioters began to make incursions into the Catholic Short Strand enclave of east Belfast. Catholics in the area...