2. WW2 images

    WW2 images

    French "volunteers" in German service
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    Video Jump into Hell - an Hollywood movie about Dien bien Phu

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    Video A rare movie from 1956 about the French in Vietnam

    A section of French soldiers in a Vietnamese village are helping the population when one day the Vietcong launch an assault. This movie was anti-army but didn't pass the censors and the end had to be redone to make it on theater. This is the first version.
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    GMW Official French military armored vehicle blue draft

    The French ministry of Defense, has release the first 300 military armored vehicle blue draft from the collection of AMX manufacturer (from 1917 to 1972)
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    Other Post EuroSatory 2018 - Photos and videos

    some news from eurosatory 2018 KNDS (Nexter/KMW) show what can be the next french-German MBT. The best of the Leo II and the Leclerc. Hull from the L 2A7 and turret front the Leclerc. there is 6000Kg left for improvement...
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    Video Catamaran 2018 : Joint French-English beach assault

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    Video With the FFL in Mali - France 24 English TV

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    GMW For French reading members - A short list of GMW in french.

    All those blogs website can be translated easily with google translate in our language. Opex 360 : is covering mainly french operations, diplomacy, hardware, .... but also it take a look at other countries. Mars Attaque : Some good analysis of the french military...