fleet air arm

  1. Michael John KELLEHER

    Michael John KELLEHER

  2. 2742373


  3. Alan Arthur HOFFMAN

    Alan Arthur HOFFMAN

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  6. 26917


  7. Raymond Kenneth LLEWELLYN

    Raymond Kenneth LLEWELLYN

  8. Michael Edward BRELSFORD

    Michael Edward BRELSFORD

  9. Hugh Gordon BLAKEY

    Hugh Gordon BLAKEY



  11. Fairey Albacores

    Fairey Albacores

    Fairey Albacores of the Fleet Air Arm over Libya
  12. Fleet Air Arm Aircraft England WW2

    Fleet Air Arm Aircraft England WW2

    Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm aircraft at a base in England. Two Barracudas, Seafire, Hurricane, Martlet and an F4U Corsair
  13. Donald Ellis TOOKEY.

    Donald Ellis TOOKEY.

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  15. Douglas Vernon LUNN

    Douglas Vernon LUNN

  16. Michael Leonard HAYES

    Michael Leonard HAYES

    The ceremonial sword was a 21st birthday present from his father, Colonel Leonard Hayes, Royal Signals. It is on display in the Aviation Museum, Malta
  17. Michael Leonard HAYES

    Michael Leonard HAYES

    Ceremonial Sword of Lieutenant Michael Leonard Hayes Royal Navy. He was born at Beeston, Nottingham on the 18th August 1931. He joined the Fleet Air Arm as a midshipman aged 17 and was later selected for Officer training. In 1950 he started flight training and at the end of July 1951 was...
  18. Michael Leonard HAYES

    Michael Leonard HAYES

    He was born on the 18th August 1931 and died on the 23rd January 1956 aged 24.
  19. H.M.S. Centaur

    H.M.S. Centaur

    Photo of H M S Centaur, Royal Navy aircraft carrier in the Grand Harbour, 1960. On deck are the following aircraft. Gannets, Sea Vixens, Whirlwind Helicopters.
  20. George William BURTON

    George William BURTON