1. AAR Galileo

    Video A sonarman analysis russian Towed array and sonar display - very instructive

    A very detailed and instructive analysis by jive Turkey the original RT documentary
  2. AAR Galileo

    Video Soldiers in Hiding - 1985 documentary about Vietnam Vets

    A grim portrait of Vietnam War Veterans, living out their lonely lives in the American wilderness, unable to cope with the lasting effects of their traumatic war experiences.
  3. AAR Galileo

    Video [Documentary] The challenges of the German Army in 2017-18

  4. AAR Galileo

    Video Fix Bayonets, The Battle for Goose Green - 72min documentary

    Through the personal accounts of two British servicemen, Fix Bayonets depicts an extraordinary record of the last traditional war of the twentieth century. This was fighting as it had been throughout military history, where killing a man often meant running him through with a bayonet or dropping...
  5. AAR Galileo

    Video The Harrier Jump jet - 100min long

  6. AAR Galileo

    Video Crazy Eights Platoon - Canadian in Afghanistan

    Crazy Eights is an intimate look at the life of the Canadian soldier at war in the dusty and dangerous region of southern Afghanistan. The Royal Canadian Regiment Charles Company Eight Platoon-The Crazy Eights-have suffered more than any platoon in the war, sustaining casualties in both...
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  8. John A Silkstone

    Movie / TV Operation Mincemeat.

    The true story of the movie, ‘The Man That Never Was’ Silky