1. BravoZulu

    Mil News South & Central America Military News

    All South America & Central America military news and discussion
  2. Bombardier

    Photos Colombian Military

    Thought I would start the thread covering the Colombian Military, so if we have any Colombian viewers lurking here this is your opportunity to show off your Country's military Elite, Past & Present Here is one from our Media Gallery
  3. santana

    Photos Cool Guns & Range Photos

    Who wouldnt want access to these cool guns and a great place to fire them. Unfortunately here in the UK gun laws are very strict and I am envious of the people who own these guns. The images are courtesy of Santana, I thank him very much for permission to use them. Thread reallocated to @santana...
  4. AH-60 L ARPIA FAC


    Best attack helicopter in south america , only in FAC (Colombia)