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  1. Churchy

    Photos Churchill Mk3 project.

    Hi everybody, This is the latest photo of my Churchill MK3.The model is completely scratch built from steel and (if it ever gets finished) will be fully working including turret rotation,gun elevation etc.Because it is made from steel it is taking a long while so further photographs may take a...

    Photos A Sad Tank, Infantry, Mk III Churchill

    I took this photo at Vadim Zadorozhny's Museum of Equipment outside Moscow. It seems to be as titled above -Tank, Infantry, Mk III Churchill, Heavy? It was parked outside the restoration shed so perhaps a brighter future in due course or not . It is a bit of a sad sight but from what I can...
  3. T68173 Cougar Churchill Mk III

    T68173 Cougar Churchill Mk III

  4. dieppe


    Dec 14, 2016 - A Churchill Mark III of 10 Troop “B” Squadron, The Calgary Regiment, immobilized on the beach at Dieppe.19 Aug 1942
  5. British Tanks

    British Tanks