1. 0000.t11


    cannon mounted on a truck
  2. AAR Galileo

    Space When the Soviet put a cannon on their space station

    It's a story that few people know about, but in 1974-75, the soviet tested a canon to defend their space station in orbit. They launch Saliout 3 equipped with a 23mm canon (see photo) and tested it in space. The model was a R-23M. they fired around 50 shots to test the canon and the thrusters...
  3. Atomic Annie Right Front Corner

    Atomic Annie Right Front Corner

    This is one of only 3 surviving M65 cannons. The rounds were 280mm in diameter and flew 20 miles. The most famous of this series of cannon was known as Atomic Annie. It fired the world's first nuke cannon shell at White Sands Test Range. @ of the survivors are at Ft. Sill OK and this on over...
  4. M44 self propelled howitzer

    M44 self propelled howitzer

    An M44 at Ft. Carson on static display.
  5. M44 self propelled howitzer

    M44 self propelled howitzer

    An M44 at Ft. Carson on static display.
  6. Matzos

    Question? Is this true

    Have a look at this image, I think this weapon was used in pairs and then mounted in the German Me 262, can anyone help me on this.:confused: Thanks
  7. M110


    M110 - 203mm cannon
  8. Taivas


    Finnish Army WWII. Heavy anti-aircraft battery Taivas (Sky) in Helsinki shooting a barrage in Taivaskallio sector with 75mm Itk27 cannon at night in September 1942.
  9. Cannon


    Finnish Civil War 1918. First cannon made for Reds by workers of Varkaus machinery
  10. 152 K 77-120p

    152 K 77-120p

    Winter War. This Russian heavy fortress and siege cannon from 1877, was difficult to move cross-country and only one artillery battalion in Finnish Army (Rask.Psto 5) was armed with it. The Barrel weight was 120 pood (app. 1 980 kg)
  11. Duck


    the Business of a vulcan 20mm cannon The M61A1 Vulcan cannon is a six-barrel 20mm gun capable of firing 6,600 rounds per minute. Its operation is based upon the principle used in the rapid-firing gun invented by Richard J. Gatling in the 1860s. The six rotating barrels, firing one at a time...