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  4. Bren Gunners Anzio WW2

    Bren Gunners Anzio WW2

    A British Bren gun crew in a trench at Anzio, Italy, 13 March 1944
  5. Canadian Bren Gunner WW2

    Canadian Bren Gunner WW2

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  7. soldiers


  8. MG mounts

    MG mounts

  9. Polish Commando

    Polish Commando

    Polish Commando Unit's exercises in Scotland, 1943.
  10. soldiers in action

    soldiers in action

  11. British Trucks

    British Trucks

    bren truck
  12. Captured Bren/universal carrier

    Captured Bren/universal carrier

    Gepanzerter maschinengewehr trager Bren 731(e) The germans utilised captured carriers for many purposes, as tractors and ammunition carriers. A small number were made into light Panzerjagers by mounting 3.7cm PaK L/45 on a pedestal above the engine. The vehicles here are 'Panzerjager...
  13. Bren MKII

    Bren MKII

    In this photo I'm holding an original BREN. Note the excellent condition. The "Waffenkammer" or gun room belongs to a German friend of mine who has a very rare collection of WWII militaria
  14. 303 Bren

    303 Bren

    303 Bren (BRuno ENfield)
  15. The Bren Gun Carrier

    The Bren Gun Carrier

    The Bren Gun Carrier saw action in France in May 1940. The armoured tracked vehicle consisted of an open top with two compartments. The front housed a driver and machine gunner and a third crew member was housed in the rear beside the engine. The crew's stores were stowed in bins and on the...