1. AAR Galileo

    Video Catamaran 2018 : Joint French-English beach assault

  2. Beach armoured recovery vehicle

    Beach armoured recovery vehicle

  3. Landing Vehicle Tracked Mk 1V - LVT4

    Landing Vehicle Tracked Mk 1V - LVT4

    Role: Also known as Water Buffalo; LVT4. For carrying cargo or personnel, particularly in an amphibious assault role. Production:] 8,348 built during 1943-45 by FMC, Graham-Paige and St. Louis Car Co. [Power pack:Continental W670-9A mounted behind driver's compartment, driving front sprockets...
  4. Juno Beach Wounded

    Juno Beach Wounded

    Wounded canadian troops wait to be transported to a aid station after the Juno beach raid
  5. Juno Beach

    Juno Beach

    Juno Beach after 6 June 1944 was no less cluttered than the beach at Dieppe had been, but this time there was a happier ending for the Canadian Army. The American at left is a combat cameraman. This image and the two below are stills from the collection of colour motion pictures taken by...
  6. Dieppe Beach

    Dieppe Beach

    Dieppe Beach after the raid of 19 August 1942. German photographers had a field day photographing the litter and wreckage; these photos (in black and white) quickly became the subject of propaganda leaflets dropped over England. This colour shot gives a good view of the insignia of the Calgary...