1. ao_sepia

    Other Post tell the difference between the same type of weapons

    tell the difference between the same type of weapons such as AR-15,M-16A1,M16-A2,M-4,FAL,FN Browning HP,M1911,AK-47,AK74,PPK,etc becuse some very can't tell its difference.
  2. ao_sepia

    civilian weapons

    SA-85M: A semi-automatic-only version intended for civilian sales in the United States; imported by Kassnar in both pre- and post-ban versions,some K.B.I. imported. Kassnar version K.B.I. version AK-63D (AMMS...
  3. Kadir93

    Photos AR-15 style rifles in military and police service

    Please post the AR-15 style rifles pictures that used by military and police.
  4. ao_sepia

    Question? why AR-15/M-16/M-4 used to copy,clone,development more?

    such as SIG-516,HK-416,LMT MWS.223,T-65/91,Norinco CQ,etc