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  1. Hawker Sea Fury

    Hawker Sea Fury

  2. Bombardier

    Photos Dutch Military Photos

    Thought I would start the thread covering the Dutch Military, so if we have any Dutch viewers lurking here this is your opportunity to show off your Country's military Elite, Past & Present The Royal Dutch Army Photos shared from Facebook page of the Royal Dutch Army - Koninklijke Landmacht...
  3. John E McCARTHY

    John E McCARTHY

    McCARTHY, John E, Sailor with medal. Served on a Dutch ship. "Matroos K V" which means Krius van Verdienste (Cross of Merit) Born 11th November 1925 and died 21st May 1944 at Runcorn. His mother's maiden name was Odlum. He is at rest in Landican Cemetery, Birkenhead, Cheshire.
  4. Dutch_Patrol_Boat_Groningen_P_843_Vlissingen_2013b


    Dutch Patrol Boat Groningen P 438 being fitted with sensor mast at shipyard Vlissingen, Mai 12013
  5. h11_51


    HNLMS Van Kinsbergen (A902) en route to its base, April 2011
  6. Dutch Submarine Support Ship A902

    Dutch Submarine Support Ship A902

    Dutsch submarine-support ship A 902 of Merccur class near Vlissingen, Netherlands, April 2011
  7. HLNMS Rotterdam L800

    HLNMS Rotterdam L800

    The Rotterdam class is a Landing Platform Dock amphibious warfare ship of the Dutch Navy, with a large helicopter deck and dock for landing craft. Similar to HMS' Largs/Lyme/Cardigan Bay.
  8. Walrus


    Walrus, Nederlands