north american b25 mitchell

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  2. B25J Michell Gunship

    B25J Michell Gunship

    Re-arming the nose guns
  3. North American Aircraft Factory

    North American Aircraft Factory

  4. Nose art bedsheet bomber

    Nose art bedsheet bomber

  5. B25 'Heavenly Body' Nose Art

    B25 'Heavenly Body' Nose Art

  6. a05


  7. The Art of Roy Cross

    The Art of Roy Cross

  8. Pacfic Princess

    Pacfic Princess

    U.S.N. PBJ patrol bomber, a Naval version of the famous B-25 Mitchell bomber at the Indianapolis airshow a few years ago.
  9. B-25  Dragon Breath

    B-25 Dragon Breath

    This B-25 was at Osh Kosh Wisconsin EAA air show a few years ago . I don't know anything about it. I don,t think it is painted this way any more or it is out of commision.
  10. B25 - Mitchell

    B25 - Mitchell

    I think that the Recognition stripes on this bird show that this picture was taken after D-day ? I will stand corrected if Im wrong
  11. B25 - Mitchell

    B25 - Mitchell

  12. B-25 Pacific Prowler nose art

    B-25 Pacific Prowler nose art

    B-25 Mitchell Bomber from Canada, Ottawa I think. What a polish job! The "Pacific Prowler".
  13. B-25 Heavenly Body cockpit

    B-25 Heavenly Body cockpit

    Cockpit of B-25 Mitchell bomber. Crewman took my camera and shot picture for me.
  14. B-25 Heavenly Body

    B-25 Heavenly Body

    The other side of Heavenly Body, 13th Airforce {the Jungle AirForce}.
  15. B-25 Rudder Art

    B-25 Rudder Art

    B-25 Mitchell bomber "Heavenly Body" rudder insignia.
  16. B-25 Old Glory

    B-25 Old Glory

    I don't know much about her except, she's beautiful.
  17. Carol Jean

    Carol Jean

    This beautiful B-25 Mitchell was at Mount Comfort, Indiana airshow a few years ago . I haven't seen it lately, so I don't know if it has been repainted or is now resting in a museum, God forbid it was crashed .
  18. Briefing Time

    Briefing Time

    This a Mitchell B-25J at Mount Comfort ,Indiana. It is 10 miles or so west of Indianapolis. The airshow theme was celebrating the 40th anniversary of Colonel Jimmy Dolittle's raid on Japan in 1942. Dolittle and his hand picked men performed the first retaliation strikes against the Japanese on...
  19. Mitchell B-25J

    Mitchell B-25J

    This B-25J markings are in the 13th airforce colors, or better known as the jungle airforce.This B-25 represents "Heavenly Body" a beautiful restored B-25 J variant. These planes were the famous skip bombers. They would fly low over Japanese shipping and then drop there bombs and they...
  20. B-25 Mitchell

    B-25 Mitchell

    B-25 Mitchell in Soviet service