north american b25 mitchell

  1. Bellucciman

    Photos American Air Power Museum, Long Island, NY

    Going through my archives since this Memorial Day Weekend here in NY is washed-out! No shows this year! WWII Aircraft Display & Flights, from 2014
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  4. B-25.jpeg


    Grand Junction, Colorado, USA, 2008
  5. CF97B98A-5389-4AD6-BBA3-7357A3C97FEC.jpeg


    North American Aviation B-25 ‘Mitchell’ medium bomber.
  6. The Hollywood Shot.jpeg

    The Hollywood Shot.jpeg

    A North American Aviation B-25 “Mitchell” medium bomber making a fly-by at the 2008 airshow at Grand Junction, Colorado, USA.
  7. North American Aviation B-25 ‘Mitchell’

    North American Aviation B-25 ‘Mitchell’

    A North American Aviation B-25 ‘Mitchell’ medium bomber, the “Martha Jean”. Grand Junction, Colorado 2008 airshow.
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    Video EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 Pics & Video

    I volunteered at the annual Experimental Aircraft Association annual convention and fly-In and have a TON of footage to share from the event. Rather than posting it in individual threads I will try keep all the posts in 1 common location. The main tribute to this years event was the 75th...
  10. Rocket Assisted B25 1958

    Rocket Assisted B25 1958

    North American B-25J rocket assisted takeoff using four XLR3-AJ-1 rocket pods on Sept. 24, 1958.
  11. MUC-Spotter

    Video North American B-25n Mitchell Flying Display

    North American B-25n Mitchell Flying Display At Sanicole Airshow
  12. B25 Mitchell - Doolittle Raid

    B25 Mitchell - Doolittle Raid

  13. North American B25 Art

    North American B25 Art

  14. B25 Doolittle Raid

    B25 Doolittle Raid

    Taking off from USS Hornet
  15. B25 Bomber WW2

    B25 Bomber WW2

    A black and white photo of B25 aircraft Dropping Bomb World War Two
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  19. B25 Mitchell Bomber production line

    B25 Mitchell Bomber production line

  20. B25 Mitchell Bombers

    B25 Mitchell Bombers