1. AAR Galileo

    Video Euronaval 2018

    The A320 Neo MPA
  2. AAR Galileo

    Video Ukraine @ Strong Europe Tank Challenge 2018

  3. AAR Galileo

    Video Catamaran 2018 : Joint French-English beach assault

  4. AAR Galileo

    Video IAG present their latest Armored vehicle

    IAG from UAE will be at EuroSatory 2018.
  5. AAR Galileo

    Video SOFIC 2018 - Tampa , Florida

    Some new toys for the SF
  6. AAR Galileo

    Video Planes of Fame Air Show 2018 - Old warbirds flying

  7. AAR Galileo

    Video SOFEX 2018 Special Force Exhibition in Jordan

    Each year the SOFEX in Aman, Jordan, is the SF show with demonstrations, exhibition of new weapons, vehicles, ....