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Tv & Film Vals Im Bashir

Author Rating:
Release Date:
21 May 2009
Directed By:
Ari Folman
Run Time:
1h 30min
Script written by:
Ari Folman

  • waltz with bashir.jpg

    Waltz with Bashir metaphorically refers to Bachir Gemayel, who was the president of Lebanon until his assassination in 1982 which resulted into the massacre at Sabra and Shatilia by the Kataeb phalange and under the supervision of IDF which did nothing to prevent or stop the massacre.

    There´s something about Israeli films I cannot (under)stand: I don´t mock, I don´t insult, that´s just how it is, and I´ve tried, oh god, but neither Waltz with Bashir nor Lebanon nor others I could watch sober. (I´ve got the same problem with Nordic cinematography) It´s an anti-war movie, there´s nothing wrong with that, (for that matter I very much enjoyed Eastwood´s Flags of Our Fathers and Letters from Iwo Jima) but I guess that I was put off by the corny animation which really wasn´t my cup of tea, the fact that this movie doesn´t have a storyline, and that entire Israel´s cinematography is plagued by self-recrimination.

    As I understood while reading about how this movie came into being, the director and his friends didn´t remember much about the war, so what he tried to do was to make an animated documentary and fill surreal images in places where he lacked the memory. There´s a wonderfully powerful message behind this project: friends plagued by nightmares connected to the First Lebanon War get together to talk about it, and maybe find some conclusion among them, or at least get rid of some weight off their souls. But do we see that in the movie? No. As it happens, Waltz with Bashir gets high ratings each time it´s screened, and it´s often compared to Apocalypse Now, and I think I get why since Waltz with Bashir is like a 1.5 hrs acid trip.
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