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Tv & Film Ukraine: "Crimea as it was"

Author Rating:
Release Date:
14th March 2016
Directed By:
Kostiantyn Kliatskin
Run Time:
2 hours 6 minutes

  • "Crimea as it was" documentary about annexation of Crimea by Russia in 2014. By and large a collection of interviews with Ukrainian servicemen who didn't defect to the Russian side. The movie was partially financed by the NATO information center so there are full English subtitles, but the quality of translation leaves a lot to be desired. Passable, though. Movie was screened at NATO headquarters as well as countless of screening for NATO counterintelligence and planning personnel. Hopefully, the right conclusions were drawn since Latvia & Estonia and possibly other countries are in imminent danger of the similar "chaos" actions by the Russian government agencies.

    crimea as it was.jpg crimea.jpg

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