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Tv & Film The Seige of Firebase Gloria

Author Rating:
Release Date:
January 27, 1989
Directed By:
Brian Trenchard-Smith
Run Time:
95 minutes
Script written by:
William L. Nagle Tony Johnston

  • The Seige of Firebase Gloria


    With his commanding officer unable to fight, a US Marine takes charge of his platoon and defends his base during the bloody Tet offensive.

    R Lee Ermey - "Danardo was my right hand, the kind of fighting machine that Marines are known For"

    Danardo shows his humanity when he cares for a young Vietnamese boy who is left behind after his village and people are destroyed by the Viet Cong. Lee R Ermey suggests that the destruction of the village is effective because nobody in the area will then step outta line.

    Ermy goes into a tunnell and just before doing so says " If I aint back in ten, use your imagination" The tunnell is water logged and full of bodies including a US soldier (still alive) The soldier has all of his brothers dog tags around his neck, he cant even remember his own name.

    This is not the best Vietnam war film I have ever seen but its not the worst, Ermey is like a voice over, constantly describing the scene and the situation, quite annoying really.

    I would suggest giving it a look if you have nothing else to do, but it wasn't great.

    Overall fairly disappointing with less than adequate acting and terrible special effects.
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