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Book The French Foreign Legion - a complete history

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Douglas Porch

  • The book describes the French Foreign Legion (FFL) from the very beginning to present day and takes in all the colonial battles in which they fought. These include some obscure conflicts including Dahomey, the Rif war and Madagascar among others in addition to the better known actions in Algeria and Morocco.

    FFL involvement in French Indochina is written in detail.

    The book also describes life in the FFL for the average Legionnaire and attempts to convey why men would serve in such harsh conditions for so little pay and benefits.

    While the book is a bit ponderous at times, it's very detailed and interesting. I consider it a 'must read' for military historians.

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User Comments

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  1. snapper
    Would be interested in reading this book. It has always baffled me why a man would join a unit like this and suffer the terrible conditions including bad pay. Can this be obtained via an E Book download?
      Bombardier likes this.
    1. NebrHogger
      I don't know. I was given the book by a friend with whom I trade reading material.
      NebrHogger, Jul 2, 2017
      Bombardier likes this.
    2. Bombardier
      I will have a mooch around for you Snapper see if I can find it
      Bombardier, Jul 3, 2017