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Tv & Film Rescue Dawn

Author Rating:
Release Date:
Directed By:
Werner Herzog
Run Time:
126 minutes
Script written by:
Werner Herzog

  • I watched this tonight and really enjoyed it, mainly because it is based on a true story but also because the acting was honest and impressive, Christian Bale plays the part of Dieter Dengler so well, he starts off his part almost sane and as time in captivity and his experience in the jungle takes its toll he morphs into exactly what I would have expected a man to behave like.
    When the movie started I thought it was going to be a Corny Vietnam war film but it turned out to be a story of survival and there was very little in terms of war fighting.

    I enjoyed it, and would likely watch t all over again. Give it it a go and let us know what you think. I watched it on Netflix

    The Cast via IMDB

    rescue dawn.jpg

    Unfinished Business
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