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7.62x51mm NATO round (.308 Winchester)
Country of Origin:
Fabrique Nationale

  • fn fal 1.JPG fn fal 2.JPG fn fal 3.JPG fn fal 4.JPG

    fn fal 5.JPG fn fal 6.JPG fn fal 7.JPG fn fal 8.JPG

    Sun´s out, guns out :)

    The FN FAL, or Fusil Automatique Léger, is a fully-automatic or semi-automatic military rifle produced by the Belgian Fabrique Nationale. The FAL is chambered for the 7.62x51mm NATO round (.308 Winchester), but due to its weight and the gas system which can be tuned up or down via a regulator in fore-end of the rifle it has a relatively light recoil.

    FAL´s a legend: nicknamed the right arm of the free world, it served in almost every low intensity conflict you can imagine, including Vietnam, the Arab-Israeli Wars, and during the Falklands War –on both sides. Argentinian soldiers used the full-auto version while their British counterparts carried its British equivalent known as the L1A1 – and for me personally, this one is the one that got away.

    Previously I had like one page of text prepared but then I saw this video, and there´s no way I´d have done this better than Mr. Noir. Enjoy.

    As Mr. Noir said, shooting this rifle you´ll get the impression that you´re not shooting regular rounds but that you´ve got yourself the most badass laser gun there is. Mine is actually made in Brazil. IMBEL LAR is another license built FN FAL. They´re still in production, by the way.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Bombardier
    "I have intimate knowledge of this gun"
    Pros - Pure stopping power
    Cons - A tad heavy
    I was in the British Army by 1983 and used the British version of this gun which, we called the SLR or self loading rifle. The very first one I used had a wooden stock but later they made them in plastic. I carried this gun in Northern Ireland and during the first Gulf War.

    In 1992 I was deployed again to Northern Ireland but that time they issued me the very useless SA80.

    The SLR was my all time favourite weapon and I still believe I could field strip it with my eyes shut.

    As I said real stopping power and in addition and wonderful weapon.
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User Comments

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  1. Bombardier
    you place a bit of matchstick (or whatever else) under the disconnector sear that sits inside the trigger to hold it down and the rifle is full auto.
    You can buy immobilised versions of this. Mine had the wooden butt and I too could strip this in the dark. Wasn't there some way you could jam it so when night firing you could make it do more than a single shot?
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  3. NebrHogger
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    1. saiga
      Perfect, thanks. I´ll take a look.
      saiga, Jan 8, 2017
  4. NebrHogger
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    1. saiga
      Thank you.
      saiga, Jan 8, 2017
  5. NebrHogger
    I've always wanted an FAL but never managed to find one within my budget. SW
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    1. saiga
      Please, pretty please, do a review on the Carcano or whatever you´ve got in your collection. I have zero knowledge about Italian militaria.
      saiga, Jan 8, 2017
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