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Ebook Military Intervention in the Kurdish Crisis 1991 2018-02-14

A thesis on the Military Intervention in the Kurdish Crisis March - July 1991

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    This thesis examines the multi-national military intervention into the Kurdish crisis in northern Iraq from April to July 1991. It traces the events of the crisis in Iraq, Turkey, Iran (and reactions outside the region) paying particular attention to the decision to launch a humanitarian intervention operation and the operation itself. It reviews these events in the light of additional information not available to the authors of the first published accounts. It also considers the political and legal implications of the actions taken by all the parties involved, including the UN, and draws conclusions on the status of military intervention as a method of conflict resolution

    The revolt of the peoples of northern Iraq began on 5 March 1991, within days of the ending of the Gulf War. ' It coincided with other outbreaks of fighting elsewhere in the country, especially in the southeast near Basra but also in the area to the south of Baghdad. There is no evidence of coordination between the revolts in the different areas: they occurred as independent uprisings to take advantage of Iraq's defeat by the multinational coalition, led by the US, in the Gulf War.

    This thesis is 322 pages long and hard going if you do not have a really good interest in the subject. :confused:, never the less it is a useful insght into the issues of the Kurds at that time

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    An Iraqi government tank disabled by rebels
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bombardier
    Version: 2018-02-14
    Agreed a heavy read but enlightening
    I had in mind that the document is a thesis but nevertheless based on facts. Worth a look if this subject matter interests you