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Ebook Lessons of the Vietnam War 2017-11-23

A 361 page text book on the Vietnam War and the lessons learned


  1. Jack-Sparrow
    Lessons of the Vietnam War

    The U.S. war in Vietnam was the longest and second most costly in U.S. history. More than two million American boys were sent to fight. More than 58,000 were killed, more than 300,000 wounded, and almost 14,000 completely disabled. According to the U.S. Veteran's Administration, up to 800,000 Vietnam veterans have been diagnosed as having "significant" to "severe" problems of readjustment. The war cost U.S. taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars and these costs will continue for decades in the form of veterans' benefits and interest on past loans.

    In Vietnam today over two million dead are mourned. Four million were wounded and ten million displaced from their homes. More than five million acres of forest and croplands were laid waste by 18 million gallons of poisonous chemical herbicides.

    The present government has not been able to develop the economy to meet the needs of its people. Public opinion polls over the years consistently show that two of three Americans judge the Vietnam War to have been a "mistake." Unfortunately, few claim to know what the U.S. should have done differently.

    Over half do not have "a clear idea" what the war was about; a third can't even remember which side we supported. The problem is even worse for American youth future citizens and leaders who have no experience of the war and little or no knowledge of it.

    This text book is not the so well presented with some text not converted correctly but it does provide lots of information about the VN war