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William Smith DONALDSON
28th61st, Mar 15, 2018
DONALDSON William Smith Trimmer, 593/D.A., Royal Navy Reserve, HM Trawler Limewold. Born 7 October 1895 at Dundee to Mrs. Margaret Donaldson, of 45 Annfield Road, Hawkill Dundee who was informed of his death. Died 23rd January 1917 aged 21 years. He committed suicide whilst of unsound mind. At rest in Plot C Grave 339 Capuccini Naval Cemetery, Malta.

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    • John Donaldson
      Just visited Malta and called in to the Capuccini Navel Cemetery to pay my respects. W.S.Donaldson was my great uncle. I only recently discovered his whereabouts by researching his medals, which were handed down to me. It was quite a shock to read of his suicide. It was never mentioned in the family as far as i was aware.

      I must say that the cemetery is extremely well looked after by the commission. There are also memorials to the fallen of other Nations.

      Kind regards...John Donaldson
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      colin traveller
      Learn something new everyday
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