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  1. juergenschmidt
    German Fokker E III, the first WW1 fighter with synchronized machine-guns
  2. juergenschmidt
    Early Messerschmidt Bf 109B
  3. juergenschmidt
    de Havilland Mosquito attacking German shipping
  4. juergenschmidt
    Corectly Russian tank "JS 2
  5. juergenschmidt
    Soldiers of Waffen SS in battle
  6. juergenschmidt
    German 5 cm anti tank gun 38 in battle
  7. juergenschmidt
    German 7.5 anti tank gun 40 fighting Russian T34/85 tanks
  8. juergenschmidt
    Early prototyp of Leopard I tank
  9. juergenschmidt
    German WW 2 soldiers celebrating "casrnival"
  10. juergenschmidt
    Correctly: German airforce soldier of WW 2
  11. juergenschmidt
    Correctly: Mixes WW 2 images of German soldiers
  12. juergenschmidt
    Filnish soldiers in WW 2. Note the various uniform pieces, which came from various sources, e.g. German, Russian
  13. juergenschmidt
    these French soldiers guard the French/Swiss border
  14. juergenschmidt
    this is clearly a WW 2 shot showing an Italien officer inspecting troops in Albania
  15. juergenschmidt
    this is clearly a WW 2 shot of a German officer inspecting local militia in Albania

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