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  1. NebrHogger
    Everybody bleeds red. Racism is stupid.
  2. NebrHogger
    Interior of a StuG.
  3. BravoZulu
    South Korean military policemen stand over a group of 'political prisoners' on their way to execution in the Taejon area during the Korean War. Accused of treachery, they are forced to sit in a...
  4. BravoZulu
    Armstrong Whitworth Whitley Mark IIIs of No. 10 Operational Training Unit being overhauled in a hangar at Abingdon http://www.abct.org.uk/airfields/airfield-finder/abingdon/
  5. BravoZulu
    Vickers Wellington, Most produced British bomber. Over 11,000 made. Used for night time bombing and maritime patrol. Very strong construction that made it stand up well to battle damage....
  6. BravoZulu
    US Navy, US Coast Guard and Armada Republica de Columbia (ARC) Navy ship underway sailing in formation in the Caribbean Sea, while participating in the multi-national exercise Unitas 44-03, on 22...
  7. BravoZulu
    German StugIII Ausf G assault guns, knocked out by US Air strikes. Note GI with top hat - every unit has a clown.
  8. Bombardier
    Mil-smile01 Me too buddy.... in fact I only looked around because of your comment, I had no idea before that
  9. NebrHogger
    Okay - I'm on board with the experimental suspension Panzer III. I learn something every day whether I mean to or not! ;):D
  10. Bombardier
    The later Panzer III did indeed only have six road wheels mate but..... Much of the early development work on the Panzer III was a quest for a suitable suspension. Several varieties of...
  11. NebrHogger
    I'm not sure about the reparati0n angle. Locomotives sent to Russia as part of German war reparations had a letter R road number prefix. And that's not a pic of a Panzer III. Notice it has 8 road...
  12. Bombardier
    Thanks for the information about this aircraft @Matt Gunsch and welcome to MI.Net ;)
  13. Bombardier
    This photo has some explanation [IMG]
  14. Bombardier
    Here is another photo [IMG]
  15. BravoZulu
    How about Armee Kraftfahrzeug Park which may be right however, I can't even begin to think why someone would put that on the tanks if they would eventually be returned to service. I'm guessing...

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