The Track Width Mine Plough unit (TWMP)


The Track Width Mine Plough unit (TWMP)

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The Track Width Mine Plough unit (TWMP) was designed and built by RAMTA, a division of Israel Aircraft Industries, and allows the clearance of anti- personnel and anti-tank mines from the path of the tank tracks. The plough action moves the mines aside without detonating them, and can be adjusted to give a clearance depth of 200, 250 or 300 mm. The TWMP clears a lane about one metre wide in front of each track, and there is an unploughed lane 1500 mm wide between the tracks. In this uncleared area, the TWMP drags a “dog bone” which is used to detonate tilt rod mines. The total weight of the installed equipment is around 3 tonnes.

This image shows the plough in the lowered position. The moldboard extensions are folded, and the skids rest on the ground. The armoured conduit cover to connect to the tank’s electrical is seen in position over the glacis plate.
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