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Stanley BAUER

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Stanley BAUER, Born 9th February 1924, Crossing the Bar on the 8th December 2005. He served with the Royal Naval Patrol Service (Minesweeping Anti-Submarine), in the second world war. He may have been given the silver badge. He is at rest in Kidderminster Cemetery, Worcestershire
The design of the badge, measuring roughly the size of an old shilling, was created by Kruger Gray a well known artist and medal designer. The design had to symbolize the work of both the minesweeping and the anti-submarine personel
RNPS Silver Badge Design. The finished design took the form of a shield upon which a sinking shark, speared by a marline spike, was set against a background made up of a fishing net with two trapped enemy mines. This was flanked by two examples of the nautical knot and at the top the naval crown. Beneath the badge was a scroll bearing the letters M/S A/S Minesweeping Anti-Submarine.
The shark symbolized a U-boat and the marline spike the tool of the Merchant navy. The net and the mines were both symbols of the fishermen who now found themselves at war seeking a new deadly catch. Never before had one section of the Royal Navy been similarly honoured.

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