soldiers in action


soldiers in action

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I am not really sure what is going on here mate, looking closer at the photo I would say the guys in the forefront are lined up with the Italian Breda 30 Machine gun are well....Italian army and have German helmets in front of the MG's. The guys to the rear of the photo appear to be unarmed and given that one of the Italians with the MG is wearing a British Style Helmet I concluded that the Unarmed guys are Allied POW's

Any thoughts Anybody?

I have tried reverse image search with Tineye and google to no avail.
...I`m guessing that this is a display of captured weapons by the patisans who are kneeling,the group of gents standing in front of the instructor are either part of this partisan group as an army contingent or yes they are POWs with guards behind with hand weapons. it is a very poor pic blown up from a newspaper clipping if my memory serves me correctly and no you won`t find it on the net because it`s an obscure pic that really nobody would bother with being quite small but I thought was interesting enough to try and do something with.

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