Mi-14 PL

Polish anti submarine helicopter.I have permission to use this pictures. This pictures is from this site http://www.czasopismawlop.mil.pl
Author Wacław Hołyś (Holys)

Origin: USSR
Type: coastal ASW helicopter
Max Speed: 124 kt / 143 mph
Max Range 1,135 km / 705 miles
Dimensions: main rotor diam. 21.29 m /69 ft 10.25 in
length 25.30 m / 83 ft 0 in
height 6.90 m / 22 ft 7.7 in
Weight: empty 11,750 kg / 25,904 lb max. take-off 14,000 kg /30,864 lb
Powerplant: two 1454-kW (1,950-shp) Isotov TV3-117MT turboshafts
Armament: includes torpedoes and depth charges carried in a weapons bay
Operators: Bulgaria, Libya, North Korea, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Syria, Vietnam
This is Polish modernization this helicopter. Mi-14 PŁ have a new sonar "Kryl-lot" and avionics. He is armed a new torpedo Alenia A244S.
In the past operator was been East Germany.

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