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Liberation of Kuwait

Liberation of Kuwait Issued by Saudi Arabia

Liberation of Kuwait
Bombardier, Feb 7, 2004

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    • snapper
      Ive seen these for sale on ebay, i cant think why anybody would want to sell a medal that they have earned, should be proud of them.
    • Bombardier
      I have one of these medals, we are not allowed to wear them with uniform.Although I wouldn't sell or dispose of mine,I suppose I can see why people dont care much about them if they are not allowed to wear them. :(
    • Frisco-Kid
      Is this a British medal, or was it given to all of the Allied troops? Why weren't you allowed to wear it? Like all medals, it's part of a soldier's resume.....tells where he's been and what he's done. Whatever the reason is, it sucks.
    • Bombardier
      No frisco this is a medal issued by the Saudi government to all allied troops after the gulf war of 91,the problem for us the british is that our government have decided not to allow us to wear it because they have already issued us one of our own. silly isnt it, the Kuwaiti goverment also issued a medal that we cant wear.
    • BravoZulu
      NB Australian vets are permitted to wear this award, preferenced after all Australian awards
      The Naut Tahrir al-Kuwait (Arabic: نوط تحرير الكويت‎‎) (Medal for the Liberation of Kuwait) was instituted by King Fahd ibn Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia for service during the Liberation of Kuwait campaign.
      The Saudi Arabian version of the Kuwait Liberation Medal is awarded to members of the Coalition Forces who participated in Operation Desert Storm and the liberation of Kuwait between the dates of January 17, 1991 and February 28, 1991.

      It is considered rarer than the Kuwaiti version of the medal, because it recognizes service in a relatively short period of time (only a few weeks) whereas the Kuwaiti version of the medal is granted for service over three years. The Saudi Arabian version is also senior in U.S. precedence, owing to its having been authorized for several years before the Kuwaiti version was offered.
      Awarded by Saudi Arabia
      Participation in the Persian Gulf War
      Campaign(s) Persian Gulf War
      Status No longer awarded
      First awarded January 17, 1991
      Last awarded February 28, 1991
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    Feb 7, 2004
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