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Kiev Class - Project 1143 carrier-cruiser

Kiev Class - Project 1143 carrier-cruiser
mineman65, Nov 4, 2006

    • Bombardier
      Project 1143 Krechyet
      Kiev class

      The 273 meter long Krechyet class aircraft carrier supports strategic missile submarines, surface ships, and naval aircraft of the Russian fleet. In compliance with the new ship classification system introduced in the Navy, these ships were categorized as heavy aircraft carrying cruisers. Krechyet class ships are capable of engaging in surface, antisubmarine, and anti-air warfare. With a 14,700 square meter flight deck, arrestor wires, and a bow ski-jump, the carrier airwing consists of 14 Yak-41M (Freestyle) vertical launched interceptors, 8 Yak 38 (Forger) attack aircraft, 10 Ka-27 PLO (Helix), 2 Ka-27 PS (Helix) search and rescue helicopters, and 4 Ka-27 RLD (Helix) helicopters. Two starboard elevators lift the aircraft from the hangar deck to the flight deck. Equipped with the Bazalt anti-ship missile system, the ship has 8 [or 12] surface-to-surface missile launchers. The Krechyet class air defense system consists of 24 reinforced Klinok vertical missile launchers and 192 anti-air missiles.

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    Nov 4, 2006
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