Henschel Hs 129 May 1943.

I think this is a German Me 410 variant ?
Looks like it has had a crash landing as both its props are mangled. I tried to find this life magazine photo for more info, but no luck
I`ll wager he`s doing a bit of salvage work for another aircraft.

I don`t know how these people find this stuff but I`m very glad I came across them to preserve them here in my travels.One of my searches takes me to LiveInternet from Russia,you must be patient when searching there,may take days before one comes across something of worth while.
this picture is not am me410. I don't have my German aircraft book with me anymore, but I know it to be the only plywood fighter built by the Germans in late WWII I think it is a Heinkel product.
Welcome Toymaker
I agree doesnt look like an ME410
I cant find any references to the wooden Heinkel you refer to though.

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