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Re-interred into Capuccini Naval Cemetery, Malta

"This stone stands in memory of those originally interred in the Cemetery of the Royal Naval Hospital, Bighi in the years 1846-1901. Their names are forever recorded in the church of St Oswald’s Royal Naval Hospital, Malta."
The whereabouts of the memorial book of St. Oswald mentioned on this gravestone No. 851 is unknown.

All at rest in Capuccini Naval Cemetery, Malta Plot D Grave 851

Miss WATT, died 22nd December 1846 at Bighi, Miss Watt, the sister of Dr. Watt, Deputy Inspector of Naval Hospital.

George KING. Boatswain of HMS Ceylon. By accident he fell from a gangway into a boat lying alongside, severely injuring his spine and head. He was taken to the Naval Hospital, but died the next day 09 June 1847

N. MITCHELL, died on Friday 8th October 1847, at the Naval Hospital after a long and painful illness Mr.N.Mitchell. For many years a pilot in Her Majesty's Service. Had been a pilot for twenty years. His funeral took place at the hospital on the following day. He left two daughters, and a subscription in the Fleet was made on their behalf

Paymaster and Purser MILNER, HMS Gladiator, died Friday 7th April 1848, at Royal Naval Hospital, Bighi

Dr. William Coubrough WATT MD. FRCS, died 20th August 1848, at his residence in Rinella Bay, Deputy Inspector of Royal Naval Hospital. He served upwards of 30 years in the Royal Navy. He was buried next to his sister at Bighi cemetery, the sole survivor of a once numerous family.

John A. GREGORY, died Saturday, 22nd December 1849, Midshipman, HMS Powerful, at Bighi Naval Hospital, aged 16 years 6 months. Second son of Dr.G. Gregory of London

Joseph Simon POLE, died Tuesday 27th April 1852, aged 29 years, at the Royal Naval Hospital

R.R. BENT, died 1st August 1853, Lieutenant, HMS Vengence, in Bighi Naval Hospital.

Emmanuel CLARK, A body was found floating in the sea off Isola Point. It proved to be Emmanuel Clark, Royal Marine, HMS Vengeance, who had been missing for some days. He was buried the 9th May 1853 in Bighi Naval Hospital cemetery

W. LOCK, Lieutenant died 18th January 1854, aged 29 years, of HM Steamer Agamemnon, at the Bighi Naval Hospital from an accident.

Richard O. STUART, died 15th October 1853, R.N., at Bighi Royal Naval Hospital, Master of HMS Trafalgar

Charles Augustas Penrhyn BOILEAU.
Died 3rd August 1855, Lieutenant, Rifle Brigade. Buried with military honours in Royal Naval Hospital Cemetery. He was wounded on 18th June, at the assault of the Malakoff in the Crimea. Born 9 August 1835. Son of Sir John Peter Boileau, 1st Bt. Of Tacolneston Hall and Lady Catherine Sarah Elliott.

George H. APPLETON, died 18th February 1857, Paymaster on HMS Centaur. On the 17th he had entered Bighi Hospital with spinal problems, but found dead next morning

Gavin BATT,. 2nd Officer, HMS Conqueror. Born 3 April 1829 to David and Jane Batt. Enlisted 13 April 1854. Whilst out riding with another officer from the ship, he fell from his horse near St. Julians Tower, and was rendered insensible. He was taken to the Naval Hospital where he died on Saturday 16th July 1859. A Post mortem revealed a fractured skull and concussion of the brain. Will and Admin, Ancestry - The Will of Gavin BATT formerly Second Master of H M Steam Vessel, Medina and late Second Master on HMS Conqueror died 15 July 1859 at Malta was proved at the Principal Registry 17 December 1859 by oath of Hazeldine Lyall Oliver of St Aubyn Street, Devonport in the County of Devon Navy Agent one of the Executors

William B. INMAN, died Midshipman, HMS Marlborough. Whilst the ship was at exercise stations he fell from the main top, striking the rigging and a lower deck port, before finally falling into the sea. He was picked up and taken to Bighi Naval Hospital. He later died due to his skull being fractured on the 19th November 1861, aged 19 years.

Edward WEST, died abt.14th November 1861, Chief Engineer on Malacca. Buried in Bighi hospital cemetery

William BROOKE, died 24th January 1862, seaman of HMS Marlborough. He fell from aloft, and died from his injuries in Bighi Naval Hospital.

Commander REID, died abt.19th March 1863, at Bighi Naval hospital. About 100 officers from all services and parties of seamen from every ship in harbour attended his burial in the hospital cemetery. The service was conducted by the Hospital Chaplain, the Reverend R.B. Howe, and the Reverend William Dearden, Chaplain of HMS Magicienne. Find his name

Robert SAUNDERS, Petty Officer, died 22nd October 1866, lately pensioned from HMS Gibraltar, awaiting a passage to England. He died on board HMS Hibernia, after falling into the hold and fracturing his skull. Buried in Bighi Hospital cemetery

Captain A.R. OWEN, died 8th June 1866 in Bighi Royal Navy Hospital. He had been appointed to HMS Falcon then in Australia and was about to leave Malta to join his new ship

Owen Jeffries LLEWELLYN, Surgeon, HMS Hydra, died on Saturday 3rd August 1867 at Royal Naval Hospital Bighi, where he had been taken from his ship. He was buried in the Hospital Cemetery. Son of Rev David Llewellyn and Georgiana Mary Lewellyn nee Reynolds, Rector of Poddington, Devon

Mrs Burke gave birth to a daughter at Bighi RN Hospital on 7th April 1868, where her husband John Page Burke M.D.was a Staff Surgeon, but the baby died at Bighi RN Hospital on 16th April 1868.
John Page Burke – Dec 1843 Hospital Mate, RN Hospital Bermuda 1 May 1841 June 1844 HMS Illustrious Dec 1848 568 – Stromboli 12 Nov 1847. Died 1870 staff Surgeon

Amy Frances LIDDELL, died at Bighi Royal Naval Hospital on 28th May 1868, the daughter of E.S. Liddell, aged 8 months two weeks

H. LAWLER, Boy, HMS Bellerophon, He fell from aloft and sustained multiple injuries which were the cause of his death. He was admitted into Bighi Naval Hospital where he died May 1870 in Bighi Naval Hospital.

Francis James Conynghame ROBERTSON, died 21st August 1870 at Bighi Naval Hospital, the infant son of Dr. M. Robertson

Ethel Mary Geraldine LIDDELL, the infant daughter of E.S. Liddell, died in Bighi Royal Naval Hospital on 25th November 1871, aged 5 months.

Chandos Scudamore Scudamore STANHOPE, Captain, died 7th July 1871 in Bighi Naval Hospital, aged 47 years, commanding HMS Caledonia

Stewart R. PATTULO, Sub-Lieutenant, HMS Devastation, died in Bighi Hospital on 9th August 1875. Buried in the Hospital cemetery on the 11th

Broad Arrow newspaper. Dated Saturday 19 February 1876.
Death of a Naval Chaplain.
The Rev John Squires died on the 16th January 1876 after a painful illness of over two months. He was interred in Bighi Cemetery the following day 17th, due to his social position.
Wills and Admin, Ancestry
John SQUIRES. The Reverend. Late of her Majesty’s Dockyard, Malta, Clerk died 16 January 1876 at Malta was proved at the Principal Registry by John Anderson Dougherty of 35 Amersham Vale New Cross Kent, one of the Executors.

Mr.STANTON, late Boatswain, HMS Alexandra, funeral took place 2nd January 1889 at the Royal Naval Hospital Bighi

G. WATKINS, Boatswain, HMS Hibernia, died in Royal Naval Hospital Saturday 1st November 1890

Leading Stoker 105132 Phillip Barry HMS Hibernia
Born December 1858, baptised 13 December 1858 at Ballinspittal County Cork to Philip and Kate Barry, nee Leary
1881 aged 22 years Stoker of HMS Triumph on HMS Gunboat Mosquito at China
Married Mary Conway 1882 at St John’s Cathedral, Portsmouth, Hampshire
The 04 March 1892, shot dead in Valetta, Malta.
He served on several ships 1st was HMS Asia, then Triumph Asia and promoted to Stoker in 1878, next ship Neptune, Northampton, Invincible and Hibernia. A note on his record stating the he was found dead in a field near Valetta with a bullet wound in his back. Person of persons who fired the shot.

South Wales Echo - Saturday 12 March 1892
Phillip Barry, leading stoker, serving in H.M.S. Hibernia for duty in torpedo boats of the reserve, was killed yesterday under strange circumstances. He went for a walk with some Maltese near the naval recreation ground, Corrandio and with some of his companions for some unknown reason got upon a wall surrounding a field. The owner of an adjacent house, alarmed at the noise made by the men and fearing that they were robbers, took a gun and deliberately fired two shots, one of which took effect in Barry's left breast. He fell into the field, and his companions fled without attempting to ascertain whether he was dead or alive. It was not until two o'clock this morning that a passing policeman found Barry's dead body. The police did not disturb this body, but proceeded leisurely to find the coroner, and it was not until three o'clock this afternoon that the corpse was taken to the Morgue. Barry was a married man, and the father of two children. His death has caused great excitement among the seamen of the fleet, coming as it does soon after the cowardly stabbing of several blue jackets by Maltese during Carnivals. The man who fired the fatal shot and his son have been arrested and the men of the fleet have started a subscription to provide counsel of behalf of Barry’s family and in the hope of making certain the convictions of the assassins
He was buried on the 07 March 1892 in Roman Catholic Cemetery, Bighi, Malta with full naval honours..

UK Parliament.
A British Seaman Shot At Malta. Debated on Tuesday 31 May 1892
I beg to ask the Under Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether P. Barry, leading stoker of H.M.S. "Hibernia," was shot dead by a Maltese at Malta on the 4th February last; whether anyone was arrested for the crime; and, if so, with what result, and what steps the authorities propose to take to bring the criminal to justice; and whether any provision will be made for the widow and orphans of the deceased?
(Mr. FORWOOD, Lancashire, Ormskirk) (who replied)
The Admiralty have received a Report to the effect that Philip Barry, who was employed as leading stoker in the Steam Reserve at Malta, was found dead from a gunshot wound in a field adjoining his residence on the 4th March last. The circumstances are being investigated by the Civil Police, but the result of their inquiry has not yet been communicated. Until a further Report has been received the Admiralty are not in a position to settle the question of granting relief to the widow. The Report is being pressed for.

Master at Arms 129229 James SILLENCE. Royal Navy HMS Astraea
Born 05 October 1858 at Deptford, Kent to William and Mary Sillence.
1861 aged 01 year residing with his parents and siblings at 06 Abinger Road, Deptford, Kent.
1871 with his father (mother not at home) and sibling at 20 Priory Road, South Stoneham, Hampshire.
10 May 1879 he married spinster, Martha Wilton at the Parish Church of Stoke Damerel, Devon.
1881 Sergeant, Royal Navy on HMS Urgent 1st Class Depot Ship at Port Royal Harbour, West Indies.
Joined the Royal Navy 08 November 1884 for 10 years. First ship being M Adelaide. His other ships were Ganges, R Adelaide, Goshawk, Bramble, Victory I, Vivid I, Britannia, promoted to Mast at Arms, last ship Astraea which he joined 05 November 1895 to his death 14 July 1897.
His record show that he died on board his ship 14 July 1897 of Heat apoplexy (heat stroke).
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Alfred George Lobb. Master-at-Arms 44314 Royal Navy.
Born 08 February 1856 to John and Mary Lobb.
Husband of Euphemia Emily Wallis Lobb, nee Franklin
Died 28 December 1898 in Bighi Naval Hospital, Kalkara, Malta from a shot wound to the abdomen, self inflicted.
At rest in Bighi Naval Hospital Cemetery, Kalkara, Malta.

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