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Military Insignia and rank

Photos of Insignia and rank


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  1. Bombardier
    Here is one in colour [IMG]
  2. Bombardier
    The French Wars of Religion, or Huguenot Wars of the 16th century, are names for a period of civil infighting, military operations and religious war primarily fought between Roman Catholics and...
  3. Bombardier
    Pike block during The War of the Three Kingdoms The Wars of the Three Kingdoms, sometimes known as the English Civil War, formed an intertwined series of conflicts that took place in England,...
  4. NebrHogger
    FW-189 "Uhu"
  5. Bombardier
    This is a Land Rover Mine Protected – Op AGILA Rhodesia – Zimbabwe 1980 here is another photo [img] http://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/2012/07/ieds-mines-route-clearance-and-talisman/
  6. Bombardier
    Canadian troops move through Holten, April 1945
  7. Bombardier
    The Graffiti translated states "we never capitulate" or "We wont capitualte" it was written by retreating Germans, Geilenkirchen in 1944
  8. Bombardier
  9. Bombardier
    The superstructure for the Spruance-class Destroyer USS Fletcher (DD 992) is visible over the trees while transiting the channel to Pearl Harbor...
  10. Bombardier
    Children's party celebrating VE Day (Victory in Europe) South London, England
  11. Bombardier
    Dunkirk WW2 BEF soldier with a ‘souvenir’ German SS helmet is fed a sandwich at a train stop. http://dunkirk1940.org/index.php?p=1_397&p2=3
  12. Bombardier
    Rudimentary but effective training
  13. Bombardier
    BREAKING COVER by Robert Taylor Concealed in the woods of northern France, Fw190 pilots break cover ready for a quick take-off to intercept Allied bombers in the summer of 1944....
  14. Bombardier
    I hated jabs, not scared of them just hated having them. mil-smile02 During the first Gulf War I had Anthrax jabs, they were supposed to give the two jabs within a specific amount of time between...
  15. Charlie-G
    Brilliant Photo, those guys were having fun that day ;)

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