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Private 24889546 Carl MOULT. 3rd Royal Staffordshire Regiment. killed in action 26th February 1991 aged 22. He was in C Company, on the evening of the 26th February 1991 they rolled up to a small cluster of buildings defended by a battalion of Iraqi troops. After some assault the Iraqis threw up their hands in surrender but when Private Moult dismounted to round up the prisoners an RPG 7 rocket blew through his chest, killing him and setting fire to his Warrior armourded car. He was aged 22, and native of Church Gresley, Derbyshire. He was to have been married a few weeks later to his fiancee, Vicki Dolman, aged 18, of Swadlincote. He is at rest in Church Greseley Cemetery, York Road, South Derbyshire. Photograph taken on the 13th November 2014 at Werrington Millennium Rock Memorial, Staffordshire. Commemorated on the Church Gresley War Memorial, Derbyshire

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POST WW2 FORCES DEATHS. Commemoration Memorials and H.M.Service Deaths
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