Abuse & Profanity

We all have an opinion, in fact I am probably the most opinionated you will ever meet.
If you have a difference of opinion, that's fine just keep things respectful.
We do not want to have to resort to punitive action against members who abuse other members simply because they are wrong or because they are asking a question that you or me thing is obvious.
We must remember that people come here for lots of different reasons, knowledge gathering & to impart knowledge.
Please be respectful and all will be fine.
As much as I hate to say it minor infractions will receive warning points, if these points add up you will receive a temporary ban. If your infraction is severe enough either an admin or a mod will ban you immediately & permanently. I hope we can keep things civil Regards Admin
Update 28/11/2020
We will not tolerate Mi.Net being used as a platform for bashing countries, Armies or each other. If we find this is happening the offending users will receive a temporary ban (1 Month), any further infractions of thsi rule will result in a permanent ban