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MilitaryImages.Net provides its Photo Gallery as a means to display military related images to the international community. You may only upload an image in which you own its right of use or that you have permission to use.MilitaryImages.Net retains the right to publish only those images that it believes will enhance the educational or entertainment value of MilitaryImages.Net web site.

Please remember this is a Military site, no other type of image will be accepted and that will include images posted to members own galleries.

The uploaded image will be displayed in the Photo Gallery of the registered members choice however if we feel that the image belongs in a different gallery then we retain the right to move it.

You can upload as many images as you like to the MilitaryImages.Net . All you need to do is register / login and follow the simple links to the image upload page.Images cannot be uploaded by an unregistered viewer.

We will not condone copyright theft and will do all in our power to assist the victim of any such theft.For example taking images from other websites and uploading them to MilitaryImages.Net will result in the offending user being banned and all images uploaded and discussion threads created being removed.This will not apply if you have permission from the webmaster of any site to upload images from his/her site, or if the images is considered to be one that is "In the public domain", It is polite and considerate to ask for permission

WARNING : We take copyright theft very seriously and includes the theft of copyright images from this site, if you find that your own personal images are appearing on other websites without your permission please inform the webmaster. If the webmaster receives requests from other sites regarding images you have uploaded, they will be told to ask you personally via the discussion board or private message.

The copyright of your images is not transferred to MilitaryImages.Net, it remains 100% yours.

Although the administrators and moderators of the MilitaryImages.Net will attempt to keep all objectionable messages off this forum, it is impossible for them to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author, and MilitaryImages.Net will not be held responsible for the content of any message.

Although we respect the right to free speech we will not tolerate anything submitted which may be racist,abusive or insulting to any person, country, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

The act of uploading your images to MilitaryImages.Net means that you agree to the terms and conditions of use.

All images will be viewed by the webmaster prior to being approved, your images will be viewed within 12 hours after submitting them.and if acceptable they will be authorised for inclusion.

We will not accept images that show mutilated and or dead human beings or animals as they would not for obvious reasons improve the educational or general interest aspects of this site.

Messages posted are created immediately, these messages will be viewed by moderators and any offensive messages will be deleted and the offending member given a warning. Usually only three member warnings will be given.

Privacy Policy

MilitaryImages.Net believes protection of your private information is an important part of our service. Please read the following to fully understand how we utilize the content you provide. The information here is subject to change from time to time, and it’s your responsibility to periodically read and understand this information. By accessing any service of MilitaryImages.Net you signify your acceptance of the MilitaryImages.Net Privacy Policy.

1) When you register as a member of MilitaryImages.Net, we will ask for your personal information. Some items such as emails are mandatory for us to send out vital information like password. Optional items are entirely up to the user to provide at their discretion. On Occasion, the collection of this information is analyzed so that we can better serve our members. We will not release this data to any other sources outside of MilitaryImages.Net .

2) While utilizing MilitaryImages.Net services, the IP address of the Internet connection you are Utilising will be logged on the MilitaryImages.Net administrator server. We will only use the IP address information we collected to investigate any possible issues where we need to document member activities.

3) MilitaryImages.Net website utilizes the use of cookies on your machine. The use of cookies will allow us to better serve your experience with the site by remembering your password, personal setup on the forum, threads read and etc. Cookies may also have be required when making purchases through MilitaryImages.Net.

You have the choice to disable the use of cookies on your browser interface. This will limit some functionality on the MilitaryImages.Net website. Some browser do not support cookies at all, these applications may limit the convenience of your interaction with the site.

Cookies are utilized only for your convenience and never to obtain any personal information for use by MilitaryImages.Net for malicious or illegal intent.

4) On MilitaryImages.Net there are various links to other website on the Internet. These links may be our advertisers,links provided by other members of the forum, or even personal member pages. If you click on the links and are brought to other sites, MilitaryImages.Net does not have any control of the service provided once you leave our site.

MilitaryImages.Net assumes no responsibility when you navigate to other sites through MilitaryImages.Net. They might contain other kinds of privacy risks that we do not have control over. Our Privacy Policy is limited to the MilitaryImages.Net site.

5) Security on all your personal information at MilitaryImages.Net is a priority. We do not release any of your personal information to other companies without your acknowledgement. Your personal password maintains access to your personal information.

6) The items we classified as personal information and are protected by the Privacy Policy include the following: name, address, phone number, email address, date of birth, password, and your personal customization of the website.

7) We may need to contact you from time to time via your email address provided during registration, with news about MilitaryImages.Net or instructions re the use of our site, by registering with us you agree that we may do this.

By using any part of this site, you agree to the Privacy Policy of MilitaryImages.Net. If you do not agree with any part of the policy, please do not use MilitaryImages.Net. In the case of a policy change, your continued usage of this site after this publicly available notice is modified agrees you to the changes. If you continue to use the service of MilitaryImages.Net after we post up new changes to the policy, it means that you agree to the new policy as well. If you have any questions, please contact the administrator at .

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