Charlie Drake (born Charles Springall in the Elephant and Castle area of London on 19 June 1925).

On the outbreak of WWII, he joined the RAF and saw service in India. After demob from the RAF, the 5ft. 1in. comedian first appeared on TV in 1954 as one half of a children's TV slapstick duo 'Mick and Montmorency', with his 6ft. 4in. wartime comrade Jack Edwardes.

The high spot of his career was an excellent ITV series called The Worker (1965, 1969-70 & 1978). Each week, Charlie would report to the Labour Exchange to be greeted by long-suffering counter clerk Henry McGee as Mr Pugh.

"Good morning, Mr Poo," Charlie would trill.

"The name is Pugh," McGee always responded. "P-U-G-H."

"That's right," said Charlie. "P-U-G-H. Poo."

Mr Pugh (or Poo) despairingly sent Drake off to wildly unsuitable jobs and the result was inevitable -the demolition of a house, or a car, or a social occasion. His famous catchphrase was, "Hello, my darlings."

He suffered a stroke in 1995 and retired to a nursing home on the south coast of England, where he died, on 23rd December 2006.