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Thread: Protest demonstartions in England against Suez War 1956

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    Yahia Al Shaer Guest

    Exclamation Protest demonstartions in England against Suez War 1956

    Not all the British people were in favour of Britain`s launching the Suez War 1956 against Egypt

    Many protest demonstartions took place in London and many other British cities not only in England but within the Commonwealth countries as well ... It was a human solidarty against Suez War 1956

    Even, some of the British soldiers, have apologised to us, once they had the opportunity to talk to us after the cease fire.

    They were youth of my age (then) or a little bit older ...

    It was the young soldiers who felt more guilty , meanwhile it was different from the war-experienced soldiers and not at all by the French soldiers, except they were from the African French Colonies "Singal and others"

    Dr: Yahia Al Shaer

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