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Thread: Operation Motorman

  1. I know the reply is late but I have had a rough time health wise.
    Hi Chad, were you in 2 Queens or attached? I was Reme attached.
    The school was St Joseph's in the Creggan Estate. We were asked to leave because of the damage caused to the school during our brief time there.

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    MED MAN Guest

    Bloody Friday

    My dad was involved with OP Motorman He Was a Member of 3 Tank Transporter RCT Based over in BAOR The Armoured Engineers Was Also based over in BAOR And Was A Big And Secretive Operation Getting The Beasts Ready To Enter Derry They was on board Ships That Sailed Across From Glasgow The Clyde The Struggle Was How Would They Land Them in Ireland They Did Manage to overcome As The British Army are good at that sort of thing they smashed threw them barricades and served there Purpose when the Armoured Vehicles made it back there was a surprise waiting it was a Arm Ripped Clean Off From the Shoulder Who ever Said Paddy's Are Armless Must Of Been Correct Ive read lots of bits an Bats About This Operation And to this day No Real Credit has ever been given one of many Successful operations our Armed Forces have Endured

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    Talking ex private bertie auld

    Quote Originally Posted by the black pig View Post
    Anybody involved in Operation Motorman ?
    I served on HMS Fearless when we took the tanks into 'derry to take out the barricades. Can't remember the exact year , early '70s
    hi i was on the londonderry part of motorman called op jumbo we had dozens of saracens backed up by 3 royal enginers demolition tanks we took the cregan and part of the bogside the year was 1972 and the operation was a direct result of bloody friday in belfast i served in the royal scots we had the 13/21 lancers to drive the saracens it was scary

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    Unregistered Guest
    Was there as well. Served in the Royal Scots. Was on the reece the night before.
    It was 31st July/1st August 1972.

  5. I am currently in the process of making a film about OPERATION MOTORMAN for UTV (the ITV station over here)

    We are trying to get it ready in time for the 40th anniversary in July this year

    If anyone on here would like to take part and/ or has any photos of that period would they please get in touch with me asap?

    My email is ** (without the *)

    Regards for now

    Vinny Cunningham

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    I was with two queens at pigery ridge in 72 four on two off it was hell on earth one beer a week one day of but you know what id do it all again.
    We were on a four month tour I SPENT MY 21ST BIRTHDAY in a bloody sanger ovrlooking the creggan estate and all christmas and new year I could hear the peaple hooting there car horns to welcome the new year that was a hell of a tour I like to think it was worth it though
    Went to bessbrooke the next tour emergency cover south Armough sorry my spelling is dredful
    But yes I still remember egg bajos cos we had no time for anything else needed our sleep before the next patrol.


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