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Thread: WW1 Historical Fiction

  1. WW1 Historical Fiction


    My co-author Janet Deaver-Pack and I are releasing prequels to our novels, which take place during WW1. I'm posting this here for anyone interested in giving these stories a look and perhaps commenting/discussing what we may have gotten wrong. Feel free to volunteer information you believe to be relevant. We're looking for pointers regarding that period, on anything that has to do with details of everyday life to armament, its usage, uniforms, unit locations, and other events. Thanks to anyone willing to jump in!

    There are two series. The first, The Crucible of Thoth, deals with archeology and fantasy. You might be more interested in the second series, The Hand of Justice, which takes place in Cairo in 1915. You'll find the files here and here. The last post on my blog, The Making of the Hand of Justice, may give you an idea at what we've been looking for.


    Bruce Heard
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    I'm an ex medic. Now retired but still workin as I publish a magazine of poetry and short stories.

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